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South African virus variant present in Punjab: reports

A recent research has been conducted that has revealed that a new strain of novel coronavirus has been detected in Punjab which is linked to the South African variant of Covid-19. 

Consultant virologist Professor Waheed-uz-Zaman and his team conducted the research which suggested that no strain of Wuhan Covid-19 variant has been detected in Lahore and its adjoining areas, at present. The research was conducted on 23,000 samples which were collected last month.

The virologist deduced from the research that the new variants of the Covid-19 are mostly from UK and South Africa. He added that the new variant can affect children, as well. Also, the adults who are infected with the South African or UK variant Covid-19 may transmit the infection to up to 10 other people. 

Under the light of these emerging variants, and a fresh surge in the Covid-19 cases, the Punjab government has imposed smart lockdown in several areas of Rawalpindi and Faisalabad, as well as other cities. 

The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued a notification regarding the immediate imposition of smart lockdown in several areas of different cities of Punjab from May 4 to May 17.

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