Special inspection of district judiciary begins

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LAHORE – Inspection teams formed by Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Monday started special inspection of district courts in Lodhran and Narowal districts.  The inspection teams will inspect courts in any two districts every week. The teams have been assigned the responsibility of identifying any irregularities and incompetence in the  court records and performance as well. In addition to, orders and judgments on criminal and civil cases as well as on miscellaneous petitions, pending adjudication are being examined in accordance with court rules. The inspection teams will also check the irregularities noticed in the working of the Judicial Officer particularly as to granting adjournments without sufficient reasons. 

The teams will compile their detailed reports and submit to the LHC. 

Later, inspection judge and LHC judge of the district concerned will also inspect the district.


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