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Spiritual Democracy delves into PM Imran’s 35-year long journey

ISLAMABAD – Spiritual Democracy is a 140-minute documentary film (currently in production) about the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

The documentary delves into the 35-year journey of the PM in a four-part series—through a roller coaster ride beginning from cricket and philanthropy to social activism, and his eventual triumph in Pakistan’s no holds barred political theater. Spiritual Democracy captures the heart and soul of a leader in the line of fire facing crisis upon crisis.

Weaving together moving interviews and rare archival footage of Imran Khan and his journey, Spiritual Democracy takes an intimate look at Imran Khan’s past and his spiritual quest. The documentary captures the vision and mission of a man who has sacrificed everything for Pakistan, from his humble beginning as a rising cricket star in the 1970s to a global statesman for non-violence and accountability.

Musician Salman Ahmad personally interviewed Imran Khan at the PM house in Islamabad, Pakistan on November 12, 2020. Imran Khan’s family and close friends also offered their insights into the making of the Pakistani leader. The film is star-studded and includes luminaries from Imran Khan’s unique and diverse journey.

South Asia’s biggest Rock band Junoon’s golden hits which have sold over 65 million records globally will form the basis of the music soundtrack for Spiritual Democracy.

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