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Stable Afghanistan inevitable for regional peace: FM

MULTAN  – Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Hussain Sunday said that peaceful and stable Afghanistan was inevita­ble for peace in the region. 

Addressing a workshop in the city, the foreign minister said Pakistan al­ways stated that there was no mili­tary solution of Afghanistan conflict and advocated for a political, negoti­ated settlement among Afghan lead­erships to resolve issue of the war-torn country. 

However, some elements were playing role of spoiler to sabotage peace in the region, said Qureshi and added that we should remain highly vigilant on the elements who wanted to spoil regional peace. 

Pakistan strongly condemned bid of demographic changes in the in­ternationally recognized disputed areas, said FM Qureshi adding that Pakistan always honoured United Nations Security Council (UNSC) res­olutions for settlement of issues. 

The foreign minister also stressed upon the need to take more steps to tackle rising trend of Islamopho­bia. No one should be allowed to hurt sentiments of nearly two bil­lion Muslims, Qureshi mentioned and also stressed unity among Mus­lim Ummah to raise collective voice at global level. 

He remarked that terrorism was a great threat for society. He add­ed that the Pakistan’s armed forces and citizens rendered thousands of sacrifices. 

Foreign Minister Qureshi said Pa­kistan was the most affected coun­try through menace of the terrorism which was sponsored by India. Pa­kistan always condemned menace of terrorism whether it was from in­dividuals, groups or states, he men­tioned. 

The foreign minister stated that Pakistan actively pursued compre­hensive national action plan to abol­ish scourge of terrorism. Similarly, steps were also taken to discourage money laundering. Implementation of UNSC resolutions passed over long-standing issues was import­ant for peace in the region and so­cio-economic uplift of people. 

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hus­sain Qureshi also hailed South Pun­jab Multi-Stakeholders Working Group for maintaining and promot­ing peaceful environment in south Punjab. He stated that everybody should perform positive role to proj­ect soft image of the region. 

On this occasion, federal parlia­mentary secretary on finance Zain Hussain Qureshi, Special Assistant to Punjab CM Javed Akhtar Ansari, pro­vincial parliamentary secretary on human rights Mahinder Pall Singh also spoke and highlighted the im­portance of interfaith harmony. 

Earlier, Foreign Minister Qureshi spent busy day. He offered Fateha on death of father of Saleem Taunis­vi and father of PTI local leader Zu­lfiqar Dogar.

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