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Survive this pandemic, many more Eids will come!

Rawalpindi : Following the decision of federal government to impose a complete lockdown around the country from May 08 given the spike in COVID-19 cases coupled with Eidul Fitr holidays starting May 10, on Thursday people perceived they should visit the market one last time before it’s too late. As every Tom, Dick and Harry was thinking alike, and they had no worries whatsoever about the situation that they had to face; majority got stuck in traffic snarls at almost every road, and market of the city.

The people in our neighbouring country are bearing the brunt of massive rallies, festivals and sports activities and although 11.78 per cent of the total patients so far reported from Pakistan since the advent of coronavirus are residents of the twin cities that contain less than 3.5 per cent of the country’s population, but such crazy mindset will have is repercussions for sure in coming days.

It seems, the people are considering this to be routine as usual, forgetting these are testing times and their venturing out may infect them with the virus that has claimed over 1,600 patients in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad alone from the total of 18,429 deaths countrywide till May 06, 2021.

It is quite a critical time and people should not venture out because if they get infected, it could just be a number in the patients count and in worst case scenario in the death tally of the coronavirus pandemic, but they should not forget the fact that they are the whole world to their family.

With the Eidul Fitr only a week away and new travel restrictions in place, people were in a rush to return to their native towns or villages, as well as visiting markets and malls however and whenever they can, dismissing any fear of contracting or transmitting coronavirus. There is a big risk of contracting coronavirus for these people.

This is not the last time when they will be traveling to their hometowns or celebrate Eid wearing new clothes, matching jewellery and other accessories. Survive this pandemic; there will be many more Eids in the future!

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