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Sushmita Sen reflects on unhealthy patterns in relationships

Sushmita Sen reflects on unhealthy patterns in relationships: ‘I speak from experience’ 

B-Town superstar Sushmita Sen is sharing her thoughts on unhealthy patterns that are repeated in relationships while stressing on the need to break free of them.

Sharing a profound note about unhealthy patterns in relationships, the actor’s Instagram post stated that “our work is to wake up.”

“When there is something we haven’t healed in our lives, we can often find ourselves either being drawn into relationships that recreate the pain and wounding, or relationships that never touch the pain and wounding. We take a path of repetition (opportunity for re-enactment) or a path of opposition (opportunity to never be hurt that way again),” read the note by Vienna Pharon on her Instagram.

“Our work is to wake up, become aware, and do healing work that allows us to take a path of integration with ourselves and with others. This path will activate us, but it will also be what allows us to walk ourselves towards authentic healing,” the note added.

In the caption, she wrote: “Patterns repeat themselves unconsciously…until we consciously break them!! We each carry the power to heal ourselves…I speak from experience!! When we become aware of the patterns, the repetitions, the unconscious habits…we must break those patterns…before they break us!!!”

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