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Taliban guarantee of controlling 90% of Afghan line is ‘total untruth’: Govt

The Taliban’s claims to hold 90% of Afghanistan’s lines is an “flat out lie”, the protection service said Friday, demanding government powers were in charge of the nation’s wildernesses.

“It is ridiculous purposeful publicity,” delegate representative of the Ministry of Defense Fawad Aman told AFP, a day after the agitators made the case, which was unrealistic to freely confirm.

The Taliban’s case on Thursday came after the gathering caught key line intersections with Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan as of late in an amazing hostile dispatched as US-drove unfamiliar powers started their last troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On Friday, Aman demanded government powers were in charge of the nation’s lines what not “fundamental urban areas and roadways”.

Also, even as huge scope battling diminished during the current week’s Eid al-Adha occasion, the inside service blamed the Taliban for killing around 100 regular folks in the town of Spin Boldak along the line with Pakistan since holding onto the intersection last week.

“Afghan security powers will before long deliver retribution on these wild psychological militants,” inside service representative Mirwais Stanekzai said on Twitter.

“The Taliban at whatever point they gain power (of domain), the main thing they do is obliterate public offices or public foundation, hassle individuals and powerfully uproot families,” Aman told.

“It occurred in Spin Boldak as well.”

With the withdrawal of American-drove unfamiliar powers everything except total, the resurgent Taliban presently controls about portion of Afghanistan’s approximately 400 areas.

Recently, the director of the US joint heads of staff General Mark Milley said the Taliban seem to have “vital force” on the front line.

With the assailants squeezing around half of the country’s common capitals, Afghan soldiers are currently “uniting their powers” to secure those major metropolitan habitats, Milley added.

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