‘Teeny Weeny’ bag biggest excitement at Paris fashion week

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‘Teeny Weeny’ bag biggest excitement at Paris fashion week

PARIS: It’s so small wags joke that it can only hold a single Tic Tac, but French brand Jacquemus’ teeny weeny bag, ‘Le Mini Chiquito’, is arguably the biggest thing at Paris fashion week.

Never has something so tiny excited so much fashion passion and hilarity on social media.

The handbag, or should we say finger bag made its debut last week on the opening night of the Paris shows.

A shrunken version of the miniature and already cult $500 (440-euro) ‘Le Chiquito’ bag which has the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been spotted clutching between their thumb and forefingers ,it is merely 5.2 centimetres (two inches) long.

Jacquemus has sold ‘tens of thousands’ of Le Chiquito bags in the last year, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, with fashionistas so desperate to get their fingers on them that there are lengthy waiting lists for some colours.

Although the brand told AFP that they have yet to set a price for Le Mini Chiquito, if the reaction on Instagram and Twitter is anything to go by, demand could be equally brisk.

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