The Queen ‘comfortable’ with Prince William, Kate at the forefront: ‘Monarchy in safe hands’

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The Queen ‘comfortable’ with Prince William, Kate at the forefront: ‘Monarchy in safe hands'

Experts believe Queen Elizabeth’s monarchy is in ‘safe hands’ with Prince William and Kate Middleton because of their strong moral compass.

This claim was brought forward by columnist Sarah Vine. In her piece for the Daily Mail, she touched on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s conscious royal tour.

Ms. Vine wrote, “It’s been a masterclass in how royalty can remain relevant in the modern age, and their popularity has rightly increased because of it… The Duke and Duchess are a reminder of all that is good about the British Crown and the Union.”

“This is a couple who could easily have spent the pandemic holed up in one of several palaces, eating lime creams and ordering flunkeys to bring them more quails’ eggs.”

Ms. Vine even pitted both the Sussex’s and Cambridge’s philosophies against each other in her piece, “Instead, they’ve made themselves endlessly available, and not in a look-at-me-aren’t-I-a-special-raindrop sort of a way like Harry and Meghan (who prefer to express their commitment to a nation stricken by Covid from the comfort of their £11 million mansion in California), but altruistically and with palpable sincerity.”

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