The various dimensions of life

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The various dimensions of life

An exhibition of Anjum Alix Noon’s artworks titled “Take a Piece of my Heart” at the Canvas Gallery, Karachi gave a different perspective of life to the viewers. The artist showed another point of view about main objective of life through his paintings.

The series of paintings consisted of portraits of men and women other than her self-portraits that portrayed various moods, emotions, feelings through colours, lines and postures.

By using a variety of media from acrylic, watercolour and pen on paper to safaida and graphite on wasli, Noon interpreted the most difficult feelings – the feelings of heart. She conveyed message of love and peace by offering her piece of heart. It was really courageous of her to offer a piece of her heart to someone she doesn’t know well because every viewer wanted to have a piece of her heart not literally but in a good sense of the phrase meaning.

Every single person in this world wanted to have a piece of heart of someone they love or they wanted to give away their piece of heart to someone who loves them.

Sharing heart or a piece of heart makes the world beautiful place to live.

Noon through her artwork expressed her passion and emotions regarding her heart in an unusual way. Sometimes the figures were blurring, at other times abstract and some were familiar.

With a PhD in Art History from LCWU, Lahore, Noon said, “Consisting of 61 self-portraits and 17 digitally printed textiles; the work has developed around the accessibility to large amounts of instantaneous photographs from my cell phone; some as selfies, tags or texts.”

She went on to add, “Self-portraits by definition mean that they revolve around your own persona. I have tried to experience connectivity, self-projection and self promotion through the task of painting self-portraits. This reminds me of the words of the 18th century French nobleman and chemist, Antoine- Laurent Lavoisier who said ‘nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed’.”

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