Planetary scientists found bands on brown dwarf closest to Earth


ISLAMABAD   –  A University of Arizona-led research team has found bands and stripes on the brown dwarf closest to Earth, hinting at the processes churning the brown dwarf’s atmosphere from within.Brown dwarfs are mysterious celestial objects that are not quite stars and not quite planets. They are about the size of Jupiter but typically dozens … Read more

Jupiter, Saturn to come closest in ‘great conjunction’ after 400 years today

Jupiter, Saturn to come closest in 'great conjunction' after 400 years today

The much-anticipated celestial event will occur on Monday. The great conjunction will be visible around the world, including Pakistan. This is the first time the planets will come so close to each other since 1623. To a magnificent spectacle, the world’s largest two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will come closer together on Monday evening after centuries.  This … Read more