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Vaani Kapoor addresses growing desire to craft ‘credibility for my work’

Vaani Kapoor addresses growing desire to craft ‘credibility for my work’

Actor Vaani Kapoor finally addresses her inspiration behind picking up roles in Bollywood and what the OTT detour means for her career.

The actor got candid with the Times of India and was even quoted saying, “I agree that there is a lot of competition, with so many people who are doing great for themselves in films and in the content emerging from the OTT space.”

Kapoor went on to say, “However, I am still at a stage in my career where I am trying to create more credibility for my work. And I am trying to direct my energy towards that. I don’t fret over what others are doing. Someone else is also working as hard as I am and making the most of the chances they are getting. It’s silly to worry about others in this line of work.”

Before concluding the actor touched upon her seven year term in Bollywood and admitted, “I have had the most amazing seven years in the business. I’ve had a chance to do some good work with some fabulous co-actors and be a part of films that appealed to me. It’s a big deal for me. When I grow old, I know this will make me smile. I hope to be able to give a lot more to every role that I do. Being truthful to my work is all I can do.”

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