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Water supply remains suspended for third consecutive day in Qasimabad

HYDERABAD   –  A severe water shortage has erupted in Qasimabad taluka of Hyderabad as the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) suspended the water supply while trying to plug ruptures in its main supply pipelines at 2 separate locations. The water supply remained suspended for third consecutive day on Monday while the supply pressure was lowered to around half of the routine supply a week ago but the consumers were neither informed about the issue nor advised to stock water.

An official of WASA told media that the first rupture occurred at a pipeline which passes under 15 Emergency Police Check Post adjacent to Ali Palace banquet a week ago. The official told that the taluka’s water supply was reduced because water was accumulating in the locality around the police check post. “We initially tried to manually plug the leakage but 2 days ago we employed excavator to dig the ground,” he told, adding that the water supply was stopped due to that emergency repair work. One of the leakages in an 18-inch diameter pipeline under Hyderabad Bypass near Naqash Villas was plugged by Saturday afternoon. However, the second rupture kept eluding the officials by the evening.

“We are trying to fix the problem without having to demolish the check post. But if the leakage existed under the check post, we will have to demolish it,” he said. The check post is built on a wide green belt separating the 2 sides of the wide Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto road. The WASA officials claim that the check post was built on an encroached piece of land. The WASA’s official said although one of the leakages had been fixed, the water supply would be restored once the leakage under the check post was plugged. “We hope that the water supply would begin to be restored by (Saturday) night,” the official said, adding that the check post’s demolition, however, might take further time.

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