We have always been open to national dialogue: PM Imran Khan

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We have always been open to national dialogue: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan sitting in his office. Photo: File/ PID

SIALKOT: PM Imran Khan on Wednesday talked to journalists and shed light on different issues of national importance, including the idea of holding a dialogue with the Opposition. 

“We have never backed down from the idea of holding a national dialogue. Without dialogue,  democracy cannot function,” he said, adding that the only appropriate platform where a national dialogue could be held is the Parliament.

According to Geo News, the PM said that he will negotiate with the  Opposition about everything except the NRO and corruption cases against their leaders. 


“Cases were filed against many opposition leaders during their own tenures,” the prime minister revealed. “Ishaq Dar, Nawaz Sharif’s children and his son-in-law all fled from the country in the past.

According to the article, when the PM was questioned about the accomplishments of his government, he said that his biggest victory is to save the country from bankruptcy.

“We had been historically facing a deficit in every sector. With massive debts and corruption, previous governments had left the country in dire straits. It was a big challenge for us to steer the country away from the crisis,” the PM maintained.

The PM also talked about various development projects and different health-related initiatives in the country.

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