YCC assures to help promote Pak products in China

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ISLAMABAD – As long as the Pakistani products are practical and cost-effective, Chinese business cir­cles offered to help find market in China for these products.

Huang Yuanli, President of Yiwu Import Chamber of Commerce, said this while talking to Gwadar Pro during the just concluded four-day China Yiwu Im­port Commodities Fair, held at the Yiwu Internation­al Expo Center in Zhejiang province.

Huang whose booth has been very eye-catching at the fair said, “Every time we participate in it and we try our best to be the most spectacular booth so that we can attract more high-quality buyers to come, ne­gotiate and purchase.”

She said there are a lot of long-settled Pakistanis and Afghans in Yiwu. They buy petty commodities suitable for exporting to their own countries. Now they also choose their characteristic local products and export to China. Huang Yuanli said that Yiwu Im­port Chamber of Commerce also welcomes all poten­tial foreign products. “For companies who want to co­operate with us in the future, brand is a necessity.”


“We can provide them some professional advice about building a brand in China according to the products’ characteristics. As long as the product has high-cost performance and good quality, there is a big market for it in China,” she said.

“COVID-19 has a great impact on import and ex­port. Under the unfavorable environment, enterpris­es from all countries should hold gather and use their respective advantages to help each other and devel­op,” Jin Bowen, president of Import Source Enter­prise Alliance said in an interview. “Most of the en­terprises within our alliance have their brand. Some have their factories. Others are the exclusive agent of some brands. They all have a firsthand source of goods and have control over the products.”

“In future, we will follow the Belt and Road route to expand our alliance. Pakistan is also one of our po­tential partners. We hope they can recommend the best or unique local products to join our alliance,” he added. With information sharing and exchanging, we can promote the products together and open the Chi­nese market,” he added.

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